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February 28, 2015  Road Atlanta

Road Atlanta Park

Tracks Unlimited is hosting a one day HPDE at Road Atlanta, one of the world’s best road courses. The 2.54 mile course with its 12 turns, including the famous “esses” and downhill driving Turn 12, is on the bucket list for those who have never driven it and a favorite of those who have. Join us for over 3 hours of track time and enjoy the high speed thrills and technical challenges that this course offers. If you are a novice, your registration fee includes a personal in-car instructor along with classroom instruction.

Registration fee is $299

2nd Driver fee is $75
(Sharing car and must drive in same run group.  If you intend to share car but want to drive in a separate run group you must complete a separate registration and pay $299 registration fee.)

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Tracks Unlimited is dedicated to those who have a passion for driving high performance automobiles. We believe that driving our cars on famous road racing tracks is one of the most exhilarating experiences we could ever have. We want you to join us in these thrills. We endeavor to do this in a safe yet fun manner.

Check our website frequently to stay informed of upcoming high performance driving events, car control clinics (ideal for new drivers as well as adults), and soon, a low budget racing series.

Need to see what a Tracks Unlimited driving event is like? Check this out: