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March 02-03 – Barber Motorsports Park

There is nothing quite like owning and driving a high performance automobile.   However, most people never really get to experience what their performance car is capable of due to safety concerns with others sharing the road, and the potential of awkward interactions with law enforcement personnel.  Tracks Unlimited’s focus is to enable enthusiasts to really find out what their car is capable of by offering high performance driving events at famous road racing tracks. Realizing your cars’ potential can only happen as your capabilities as a driver improve.  Toward this end, Tracks unlimited provides instruction, both classroom and in-car instruction, by a team of highly qualified instructors who have spent many hours providing in-car instruction with students.

While anything having to do with driving has a certain amount of risk associated with it, it is our intent to offer the opportunity to drive your car like you have always wanted to, in the relatively safe environment of a closed track scenario.